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Frequently Asked Questions


Membership with North East Network provides a supportive community in which to grow by offering you the opportunity to establish valuable connections with like-minded individuals and organisations. Have a question or query? Check out our FAQs below.

Simply click here to become a member of North East Network.

The annual membership fee is £200 + VAT. There is also a venue fee (including breakfast) which is £10 plus VAT, payable via GoCardless on a bi-weekly basis.

Yes – you can make a maximum of three consecutive payments via GoCardless.

We typically meet at 7 am for a 7:30 am start. The meetings end at 8:30 am but networking usually continues until approximately 9 am.

The ability to showcase and cross-sell your work online to all members of the Network via the North East Network website. We also provide unlimited networking opportunities within your group and online via the wider network.

Yes, as the venue will be expecting the same numbers every week.

You will receive a VAT receipt as proof of expenditure.

We encourage all members to attend bi-weekly in order that they get the best out of their membership. However, we fully appreciate that there will be times when you will be absent for work or personal reasons. You can send someone else along in your absence to cover for you, should you not be available.

A maximum of 3 absences (totalling 6 weeks) are allowed before your membership is revoked.

Your category will automatically be opened up if you miss 3 consecutive meetings.

Members are expected to actively contribute to the growth of the group. Critically, members are expected to support one another by looking for referrals.

Yes, the membership committee will need to approve your membership, post meeting.

So long as there is no conflict within the group you are able to bring along new guests to the meetings. Check with your membership team in advance.


You should focus on one particular area E.G. bathroom fitting. However, there is nothing preventing you from talking about the other areas of your business during networking periods or during one-to-one meetings.

You can only be a member of one group but you could place another member of staff into a second or third group.


Yes. If this becomes permanent the membership should be switched to the alternative person.

The ability to grow the profitability of your own business and connect with likeminded business leaders.

You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website
  • In person at the networking events.

Your membership committee member.


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