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Why Join North East Network?

There's no shortage of reasons to join forces with this fantastic network


Wondering what North East Network can offer you?

North East Network strives to create a supportive and welcoming networking group that is entirely committed to creating meaningful connections that stand the test of time between businesses across the region. There’s no shortage of reasons to become a part of this fantastic network.

We’re proud to be founded by North East companies, for North East companies. We know first-hand the trials and tribulations that businesses and entrepreneurs may face in the North East, and as such, we are committed to creating a supportive environment in which we can all encourage and bring out the best in one another. We’re proud of where we come from and believe that you should be, too.

What’s more, we are committed to creating an open and collaborative space in which the very best SME businesses and entrepreneurs that our region has to offer can share knowledge and ideas, seek out new opportunities or simply raise their profile in the local area. North East Network is all about bridging gaps between business owners, and a major benefit you will enjoy is exposure to like-minded and inspiring individuals. As such, members enjoy access to exclusive events throughout the region, and inclusion within an inspiring roster of fellow business-people.

With an extensive directory, we strive to offer entrepreneurs a platform through which to grow in an organic, collaborative way. North East Network is proud to provide the stage needed by North East businesses on which they can share testimonials, pass on referrals and showcase their expertise.


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